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Permanent Future Lab Utrecht CS

Address[edit | edit source]

Moreelsepark 65, Utrecht - The Netherlands. See here for a route description if you want to use the entrance inside the Utrecht Station.

Opening times[edit | edit source]

10AM - 17PM Workdays (CET)

Technology[edit | edit source]

Find available technology at this location in the first table.

The Initiators and annealed fans are always happy if you join the movement and considering to bring in and lend technology to the location. Sometimes it is possible to borrow technology.

Available[edit | edit source]

Name Producer by Loaned since Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note
3Doodler WobbleWorks, Inc. Thosha Moodley 09-10-2015 $75 N/A 002-16468-1
ACR122 (NFC Reader) Advanced Card Systems Ltd. Jurjen de Vries 02-06-2015 €37.21 ACR122U-A9 RR171-079467
AIRTAME AIRTAME Foundation Society30 09-06-2015 €299 AT-DG1 DG155071550
AR.Drone 2.0 Parrot S.A. Felix Lapoutre 09-10-2015 €223.14 N/A PF721000CI3I319766
AXA Bluetooth E-Rl AXA AXA 08-11-2016 €100 2016-238 9534B-297AA-D91F9-5A9C5 Borrowed by Marc Buma for testing with the commonbike platform
Bendoo Box Reshift Digital BV Reshift Digital BV 19-03-2015 €81.82 N/A N/A
Bluz Easier to Use, LLC Permanent Beta 09-07-2016 $199 ? ? Ultimate kit
Cardboard v2 Google Rick Voll 01-09-2015 €21.48 N/A N/A
Cardboard printed edition N/A Jeroen Bartelse 01-07-2015 N/A N/A N/A Interpolis print
C.H.I.P. Next Thing Co. Jurjen de Vries 15-01-2016 $93 N/A N/A All of the Things (Split Shipment, C.H.I.P. december 2015, others May 2016)
Codeybot Makeblock Wouter van Dam 13-10-2016 $119 N/A 0038B0
Codrone Robolink Wouter van Dam 13-10-2016 $179 N/A N/A
CogniToys Dino Elemental Path Jurjen de Vries 16-05-2016 $99 88259 E1B218
Crafty the 8$ robot Ross Atkin Jeroen Bartelse 25-12-2015 $46 N/A N/A
Darma Darma Inc. Jurjen de Vries 11-07-2016 $179 ? ? Early Beta adopter edition
Deskbike Worktrainer Martijn Bary 15-10-2014 €279 N/A N/A
Doodle3D Doodle3D Jurjen de Vries 20-11-2014 €89 TL-MR3020 2141363009278
Double Telepresence Robot Double Robotics, Inc. Foundation Society30 15-10-2014 $2499 RB-Dbl-01 10-001842 Loaned without an iPad
Double Robotics audio kit Double Robotics, Inc. Jurjen de Vries 01-02-2015 $99 DB-AUDIOKIT N/A
Drone X12S Syma Dave Neeteson 01-08-2016 €20 4 pieces
Embrace Empatica Jurjen de Vries 10-10-2016 $189 EMB-SB-S 1FDWC1113W
Espruino Pico 1.3 Pur3 Ltd Wouter van Dam 13-10-2016 $16 N/A 2656 & 0133 2 pieces
Estimote Nearables Developer Kit Estimote, Inc. Foundation Society30 01-10-2015 $99 N/A N/A
EZ Robot, JD Humanoid EZ Robot Samir Lahiri 11-04-2016 €415,79 N/A N/A
Flower Power Parrot S.A. Jurjen de Vries - €41.31 PF900000AA PI040298AA4C048341
GoBe Healbe Corporation Foundation Society30 01-10-2015 $299.99 1.0 N/A
Google Hangout pakket 2 N/A Google Amsterdam 30-10-2013 €4233.79 N/A N/A Multiple items (including laptop) by
HTC Vive + computer setup HTC Soo Choi Bosman in the name of T-Mobile Nederland 23-02-2017 ± €2499 N/A


Monitor E2483HS (2pcs) iiyama Jurjen de Vries 24-10-2014 €266.93 E2483HS 1127841505295 & 1127841504539 Part of the Google Hangout studio
iPad air Apple Inc. Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 €367,77 A1474 DMPMC1VAFK10 Part of Double Robotics
iTraq iTraq, Inc. Foundation Society30 30-05-2016 $139 N/A 1000033T7C1RP614X9 1000035KBOL9EUSDYE 100003WQM9Z9KWQGJ1 3 pack + charger by Indiegogo
Leap Motion Leap Motion Jelmer Oosthoek 29-07-2016 $95 N/A N/A
Leap Motion Leap Motion Wouter van Dam 13-10-2016 $95 N/A N/A
LIFX The Original (2 pcs) LiFi Labs, Inc. Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 $199.98 BUL-11-A21E27-W N/A
LoRa iC880A Concentrator IMST Thomas Telkamp 02-11-2015 €300 N/A N/A Including Raspberry Pi (model B) as LoRa gateway.
LoRa IoT Station 868 Kerlink Foundation Society30 11-10-2016 €1575 0x8060356 For best coverage, the gateway is shared at International (Catharijnesingel 55, Utrecht)
LoRa Node 02:01:01:0A N/A Thomas Telkamp 02-11-2015 €75 N/A N/A Device with GPS to test LoRaWAN range, including spare battery. This device can be tracked by
LoRa Node


N/A Johan Hoeksma 30-11-2015 €16 esp8266 + hope rfm95 The Things network node (Arduino + hoperfm)

+ 1 extra esp8266 nodemcu

LoRa RFM92W Hope Microelectronics co. Felix Lapoutre 26-10-2015 €10.10 RFM93 W 92 Rev 2.1 N/A LoraWAN transceiver
Makey Makey Go JoyLabz LLC Jurjen de Vries 25-07-2016 $24.95 N/A N/A Manufacture date 05/2016
Mynt Slightech Wouter van Dam 13-10-2016 $46 N/A N/A
Myo Thalmic Labs Permanent Beta 01-03-2015 $199 MYOD5 N/A
MindWave Mobile NeuroSky, Inc. Jeroen Bartelse 15-11-2014 $299 MW003 MM8ND02869
Muse InteraXon Inc. Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 $299 MU-01-WM-EN 1170-PXCF-21EA
Ozobot Evollve, Inc. Samir Lahiri 28-03-2016 $119 N/A N/A 2.0 Bit, Dual Pack
Particle Maker Kit Spark Labs, Inc. dba Particle Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 $99 CC300MOD N/A Chip antenna
Particle - individual components Spark Labs, Inc. dba Particle Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 $80 N/A N/A Shield Shield v2.0, Relay Shield v2.0, Battery Shield v2.0, JTAG Shield v2.0
Particle Photon Spark Labs, Inc. dba Particle Jurjen de Vries 08-06-2015 $19 N/A N/A
PINE A64 Early Bird PINE, Inc. Jurjen de Vries 19-04-2016 $15 N/A N/A
PocketC.H.I.P. Next Thing Co. Jurjen de Vries 18-07-2016 $49 N/A N/A
PocketScan Dacuda AG Foundation Society30 20-04-2015 $99 PSB4-D01 PSD1WB1JA00061
Raspberry Pi 3] Raspberry Pi Foundation Samir Lahiri 08-03-2016 €40.00 N/A N/A Lended to Rene van der Weerd
Remix mini Jide Jethro Hardeman 1-7-2016 $89 RM1G JS1E300154330064
Roboquad WowWee Group Limited Foundation Society30 15-10-2014 $99 N/A N/A
Samsung Note 10.1 Samir Lahiri
Scanadu Scout Scanadu Inc. Foundation Society30 01-03-2015 $269 First Edition 9A2B9300009D667C
Sparki ArcBotics Bas van de Haterd 27-03-2015 $99 N/A N/A
SCiO Consumer Physics, Inc. Jurjen de Vries 30-01-2016 $399 CP-SCM001 DF0116000Y Early Beta adopter
The Things Uno Tweetonig Jurjen de Vries 26-10-2015 €35 N/A N/A Tweetonig V4 - 868 Mhz. BETA v1
TOI Shield TOI SRL Jurjen de Vries 30-06-2015 $50 N/A N/A Including access to Viper
Virtual reality bril WoW Jethro Hardeman 1-7-2016 $30 N/A N/A
Microsoft Kinect v1 Microsoft Richenel Held 27-2-2017 154346510735
Nexus 5 Android Smartphone LG / Google Raoul Teeuwen 03-04-2017 $200 IMEI 353490068016811 092003eb006ab149 Including red leather cover

Temporary gone / on it's way[edit | edit source]

Name Producer Will be loaned by Expected date Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note
Alpha 2 Ubtech Robotics Inc. Foundation Society30 01-03-2016 $739 ? ? Developer Edition– 20kg Servo
Lantern Outernet Jurjen de Vries 30-05-2016 $124 ? ?
Sphero 2.0 Orbotix Inc. Foundation Society30 18-05-2015 $189.95 S003RW S003-01-140918 Lended to Rene van der Weerd for a PFLab popup. Extras: Nubby Cover Orange, Chariot Black, Turbo Cover Carbon, Terrain Park Blue (missing)
Theta m15 Ricoh Foundation Society30 15-10-2014 €335.29 175760 XL00107013 Missing
Vessyl Mark One Jurjen de Vries 30-10-2017 $99 ? ?

Wish list[edit | edit source]

If you are missing some innovative or open as possible technology please add it to the wish list. Maybe someone already have it and will share it. Entries older then a year can be removed if the product is released and not shared.

Name Producer Wished by Date added Note
Feelreal VR Mask Feelreal Inc. Nick van Breda 13-05-2015
Hololens Microsoft Jurjen de Vries 13-05-2015 Contacted Microsoft 17-03-2015 who is evaluates these types of inquiries
OpenBCI 16-channel R&D Kit OpenBCI Roy Oltmans 13-05-2015
Personal Robot Autonomous Jurjen de Vries 24-01-2016
Teslasuit Teslasuit Ltd Jurjen de Vries 24-01-2016 Virtual Reality suit
Thync system Thync Jeroen Bartelse 26-10-2015 gadget that can alter your mood
VertiGo Disney Research Jurjen de Vries 24-01-2016

Initiators and annealed fans[edit | edit source]

Name Role(s)
Jurjen de Vries Initiator
Nynke Visser Venue manager
Samir Lahiri Initiator

Other resources[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This location is the first Permanent Future Lab space and opened its doors since October 15th 2014 at the end of the Sharing Week.
  • The space was a silence room before.
  • First talks about a possible social & tech innovation room between and Jurjen de Vries where about room 6 in June 2013
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