Borrow technology

From Permanent Future Lab

Sometimes it is possible to borrow or rent technology and take it out of the location. It varies by sharer whether those is receptive to this. Visit the user page of the sharer to see if there is more information available if the person / organisation is receptive to this or contact the person / organisation via the user page.

If the person / organisation agreed, move the specific item at the location page from the 'Available' table to the 'Temporary gone / on it's way' table and add a note linking to your user page with contact details and expected returning date. When you return the technology, please move it back to the 'Available' table.

Disclaimer: Permanent Future Lab is a name for a decentralized movement and isn't an entity. If you lend or hire the technology listed at this wiki, you are directly dealing with the person or organisation you contacted by this wiki. If you want some insurance you could use a diversity of platforms, for example Commoneasy and Gearbooker

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