Pop-up locations

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On this page you'll find pop-up events. Feel free to be a location initiator and create your own pop-up location based on the Permanent Future Lab core values. Add yours to the calendar below.



Date Event Location
January 18th Immersive Tech Sharing Tropical Nomad, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

2018 - Archive

Date Event Location
October 12th S2M Social Impact Festival Vredenburg 40, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2017 - Archive

Date Event Location
July 5th Ouishare Paris Magasins Généraux, 1 rue de l'Ancien canal, Pantin, France
February 14th Tech Tuesday @ Social Impact Factory Vredenburg 40, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2016 - Archive

Pop-up locations.

Date Event Location
December 23rd Permanent Future Lab PopUp @ Robotfestival Assen Dr. Nassau College Quintus

Mr. Groen van Prinstererlaan 98, 9402 KG Assen

December 8th HubSpot Leiden Leiden
October 20th Culturele Zondagen Social Impact Factory Vredenburg 40, Utrecht
June 27th Permanent Beta Dag 8 Amsterdam
26th - 28th May Campus Party Jaarbeurs Utrecht
14th April - 29th May Campus Party Popup Stationshal 9e, Utrecht
14th March Permanent Future Lab Wiki template mini-hackathon & testing T-Mobile Head office entrance, Waldorpstraat 60, Den Haag
2nd March Stichting C Mondriaanplein 16A, Uden
17th February EnergieFabriek, Vlijtseweg 148A Apeldoorn