Core values

From Permanent Future Lab

The Permanent Future Lab movement initiators bring forward three core values where they believe in as fundamental for locations to share innovation.

Society driven[edit | edit source]

Put society first. Cooperation of human species with all other lifeforms and the environment are therefore seen as crucial for improving and developing innovation. Do this with taking safety, convenience and efficiency into consideration.

Stimulating innovation it is important to:

  • generate mutual understanding at all times
  • communicate about each other's passion
  • reduce and bridge gaps between life and machines

Innovation[edit | edit source]

The initiators like innovations transforming and strengthening organizations, lives and society in new ways. Especially those that replace old standards and create opportunities for growth. These types of innovations, commonly known by insiders as ‘disruptive’, are coming faster to the market as ever. To increase the adaptation of it and to inform organizations and people about the related potential benefits, participants in the movement share their knowledge on it as much as possible.

Openness[edit | edit source]

Sharing is the new having. Because, by sharing overabundant goods in a asynchronous reciprocity way (no money involved), underutilized assets and excessive knowledge more individuals can enjoy what the world has to offer. To propel this participants in the movement support publicly available data, software and technology / hardware. They are also true fans of a direct, decentralized system and open development. They are striving for a minimum amount of layers and maximum cost efficiency.

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