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As a person with passion for innovation, technology & sharing abundance for good you might find it interesting to initiate a Permanent Future Lab location or pop-up. As an initiator you are more than average busy with discovering or even creating new innovations and your are social in sharing findings and knowledge.

Multiple locations and popups have been initiated since the beginning of the movement in 2014. Bart Roorda (Netherlands), Fahad Bin Husne ALI (Bangladesh), Rehema Nsanyiwa (Uganda) are a few of the initiators.

  1. By understanding the core values you will be able to initiate a Permanent Future Lab for society. This as an ecosystem instead for your own benefits. There are no direct compensations for initiating or any other involvement in the movement. You will possibly getting feeling richer due of serendipity that might happen because you share.
  2. Easiest is to start is with a popup. Those are more temporary Permanent Future Lab locations for a couple of hours till a couple of months. This will help you giving insights about how society near you gets involved.
  3. Starting is by finding a location for the popup or more permanent place that is shared by abundance. This means the location owner doesn't ask a monetary compensation or any other direct compensation from you and any other that gets involved. Instead the location sharer can get involved and may experience serendipity.
  4. From within the location you can start sharing some innovative technologies you have by abundance and ask others to do as well.
  5. To make it easier for people to find the location add it to the location wiki page. Check the video How to add an Permanent Future Lab location in the Wiki.

If you still have some questions or want to discuss about initiating a Permanent Future Lab it can be helpful to contact multiple other initiators who can be found at their location wiki page and the movement initiators who can be found at the chat.

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