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Permanent Future Lab


Almystraat 14 5061AP Oisterwijk Netherlands

Opening times

10.15AM - 7PM Tuesday till Thursday (CET)


Find available technology at this location in the first table.

The Initiators and annealed fans are always happy if you join the movement and considering to bring in and lend technology to the location. Sometimes it is possible to borrow technology.


Name Producer by Loaned since Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note
RasbperryPI 2 SOSolutions ?? 02-2-2016 $ N/A s/n
RasbperryPI 3 SOSolutions ?? 02-2-2016 €38,0 N/A s/n

Arduino 4x

?? 02-2-2016 $ N/A s/n
Weller soldeerstation tempcontrol Weller ?? 02-2-2016 $ N/A s/n
Philips Oscilloscoop Dual trace N/A Bennie deVries 23-12-2015 Hfl 6233.79 N/A N/A
Asus Laptop I7 SSD 128GB Asus RenevdWeerd 22-3-2016 €950,- 5CD4307LYQ Part of the Lab
ACER monitor LED (1pcs) type RenevdWeerd 22-3-2016 €200,- type 1127841505295 & 1127841504539 Part of the Lab
Smartphone Note 2+3 Samsung. RenevdWeerd 30-3-2015 €560,77 type s/n x?
Electronic scope China Scope RenevdWeerd 28-03-2016 $24 ? ?

Particle 4x

USA RenevdWeerd $ N/A s/n
PINE A64 PINE64 Inc. RenevdWeerd 24-03-2016 $25 ? ?
3D printer lever. Marnix Open source HW+SW MArnix3D Renevdweerd 2017-1-22 €400

AvaSpec Stand-alone Fiber-optic Spectrometer

Avantes Apeldoorn Avantes June 2016 NA
CNC 3 assen HoutvanMorgen Oct 2016 N/A
Laser Cutter CO2 laser 40W ALiBaba

Mireille Langendijk Biomimicry architect

dec 2016
Various components

Temporary gone / on it's way

Name Producer Will be loaned by Expected date Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note

Wish list

If you are missing some innovative or open as possible technology please add it to the wish list. Maybe someone already have it and will share it. Entries older then a year can be removed if the product is released and not shared.

Name Producer Wished by Date added Note

Initiators and annealed fans

Name Role(s)
Rene van der Weerd Initiator, Host


  • Before this location opened there was a popup in a building at the other side of the area.