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6 Permanent Future Lab 3D printed rockets in different colors and filaments.

Everyone may co-operate in the design of the Permanent Future Lab. E.g. You can create a daily doodle and upload the SVG vector and list it at this page.

The first version of the logo was designed in vector november 2014 by Nancy Meijer (Dutch Pixel Design) and Jurjen de Vries. It's a rocket with a smiley at the top. Colors of blue and pink where choosen to make a statement that the Permanent Future Lab movement is open for everyone in Society.

A 3D version of the logo is created december 2015 by Sharon Marcelis (Mash Design) and can be downloaded at Thingiverse.

Information poster

This info board is used at the entrance of PFLab @ MusCom The Hague. For an example of how this looks, see this tweet.

There is also a second information poster created by Thomas Duiker, you can download the InDesign file or PDF.

Info cards

The first info cards created for PFLab were made in InDesign. Because info cards are easier to edit in Google Docs, Janine made a Google Docs template for it: click here to open the info card template (+ information). The info cards made for PFLab in Amsterdam can be downloaded here: Info cards 2017 MUSE + [1]).

PFLab wiki skin

The PFLab wiki skin is in development, see part-up & Coding