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6 Permanent Future Lab 3D printed rockets in different colors and filaments.

Everyone may co-operate in the design of the Permanent Future Lab. E.g. You can create a daily doodle and upload the SVG vector and list it at this page.

[edit | edit source]

The first version of the logo was designed in vector november 2014 by Nancy Meijer (Dutch Pixel Design) and Jurjen de Vries. It's a rocket with a smiley at the top. Colors of blue and pink where choosen to make a statement that the Permanent Future Lab movement is open for everyone in Society.

A 3D version of the logo is created december 2015 by Sharon Marcelis (Mash Design) and can be downloaded at Thingiverse.

Information poster[edit | edit source]

This info board is used at the entrance of PFLab @ MusCom The Hague. For an example of how this looks, see this tweet.

There is also a second information poster created by Thomas Duiker, you can download the InDesign file or PDF.

Info cards[edit | edit source]

The first info cards created for PFLab were made in InDesign. Because info cards are easier to edit in Google Docs, Janine made a Google Docs template for it: click here to open the info card template (+ information). The info cards made for PFLab in Amsterdam can be downloaded here: Info cards 2017 MUSE + [1]).

PFLab wiki skin[edit | edit source]

The PFLab wiki skin is in development, see part-up & Coding

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