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Thanks for considering contributing to the Permanent Future Lab movement wiki. The wiki is 100% open source and the goal is to make it 100% decentralized and give it a great user experience.

Skin[edit | edit source]

» For a more detailed description, see Coding the PFLab wiki skin

You can directly edit the CSS and JavaScript used on the wiki.

Theme modifications will become visible for all users.

Consider to test changes first at your own development environment before contributing them to the files above. To build an development environment you can download the Miraheze Mediawiki environment at the Miraheze Github page and the Permanent Future Lab wiki data at one of the Backup Providers.

Hosting[edit | edit source]

The hosting of this wiki is 100% free provided by Miraheze, a community-driven, not-for-profit wiki network run by expert volunteers. If you are a wiki hosting expert, please consider contributing to Miraheze. The code can be found at the Miraheze Github

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