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Because the Permanent Future Lab wiki is 100% creative commons and open source software, everyone may create a backup of the The Permanent Future Lab wiki. By default Mediawiki software comes with a API to export the data. Mediawiki Dumpgenerator is a tool that uses those API to facilitate creating a backup.

Creating a backup of the data[edit | edit source]

  1. Download Python
  2. Download Mediawiki Dumpgenerator
  3. Run the command: python --delay=5 --xml --images --path=/home/backup/pflab/

Restore a backup of the data[edit | edit source]

Restoring a backup at the production environment can be done by the hosting party, currently Miraheze. For your own environment you can read the documentation at

Backup providers[edit | edit source]

Please consider to add your environment as a data backup provider for regularly backups of the Permanent Future Lab wiki. You can add your backup location to the list below.