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Because the Permanent Future Lab wiki is 100% creative commons and open source software, everyone may create a backup of the The Permanent Future Lab wiki. By default Mediawiki software comes with a API to export the data. Mediawiki Dumpgenerator is a tool that uses those API to facilitate creating a backup.

Creating a backup of the data

  1. Download Python
  2. Download Mediawiki Dumpgenerator
  3. Run the command: python --delay=5 --xml --images --path=/home/backup/pflab/

Restore a backup of the data

Restoring a backup at the production environment can be done by the hosting party, currently Miraheze. For your own environment you can read the documentation at

Backup providers

Please consider to add your environment as a data backup provider for regularly backups of the Permanent Future Lab wiki. You can add your backup location to the list below.