From Permanent Future Lab

My name is Alex Leering.

For my two months long internship for my Masters degree (November - begin January) I will be helping the Permanent Future Lab decentralize their website. My research question for this internship is 'what is the most optimal way to decentralize a website for a movement?'.

I will be comparing a number of alternatives (Zeronet, LBRY, .bit domain names among others) and see which solution fits the Permanent Future Lab best. If no solution provides a good fit a self-made option will be considered.

I will be present at the Permanent Future Lab locations to test whether the average end-user thinks a certain method is user friendly. At the end I will present an advice rapport and publish it under a Creative Commons license.

Soon I will publish a link to a Google Documents website where persons can comment on my rapport so far. My university does not allow for edits to the document, the advice rapport has to be written by me completely in order to pass the internship.

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