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Possibly the most salient feature of Inglenook Sidings - the classic British shunting puzzle par excellence - is its sheer simplicity in terms of track layout. There may in fact be some modellers who never really look into this shunting puzzle because it may at first sight hardly seem to offer much operational challenge. But as is so often the case, first impressions can be misleading, and it is precisely the simplicity of the "Inglenook formula" which makes it work so well and makes operating it so highly addictive. The brainchild of Alan Wright (1928 - 2005) is one of those rare examples where a clever and well balanced combination of a reduced setting and input actually provides an unexpectedly rich end result, and Inglenook Sidings is a picture book perfect example of "reduce to the max".

The Inglenook Sidings Shunting Puzzle can be use with a non motorized locomotive, with an analog or with a digital computerized locomotive version. As couplers we use Kadee® Magne-Matic® precision Couplers. We also have an Inglenook Sidings Board Game version.

Description[edit | edit source]

In essence, the characteristics of this shunting puzzle which make it so effective are:

  • Simple track layout - it's easy and quick (and cheap) to build or set up
  • Straightforward rules - they're easy to understand, memorize, and apply
  • Ready to play in seconds - no extra equipment needed, any kind of token will do
  • Entertaining - the puzzle is challenging but never frustrating
  • Non repetitive - 6,720 different shunting orders possible
  • Small size - makes an ideal second layout
  • Easy to store - that's where it got its name from...

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