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Permanent Future Lab (PFLab) is initiated and facilitated by a social movement; a decentralized network of a diverse group of people supporting the sharing economy. The beauty of it is -and to the disbelieve of many- that money does not play a role. So, to be very clear: there is no business model! The labs embrace an alternative value exchange system, where [[sharing]] is key. PFLab thrives in an ecosystem free of money issues, strict hierarchical set of rules or any hassle from the old world. The PFLab sharing eco-system figure on the right explains how this works in detail.[[File:PFLab ecosystem.png|thumbnail]]
* Every physical PFLab is located within a place that is being shared by others.
* Technology available at a PFLAbPFLab is being shared by people and other parties, without any direct commercial interest.  
* At some PFLabs visitors are being welcomed by hosts, sharing their time, kindness and knowledge. Having a host is however an option and can be done by people or other forms.
* Experiences, new knowledge and innovations are being shared by hosts, visitors, ambassadors and fans.