Museum voor Communicatie Den Haag

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Permanent Future Lab Museum voor Communicatie Den Haag


Zeestraat 82, The Hague - The Netherlands

Opening times

12:00 - 17PM Workdays (CET)


Date Time Event Notes
2015-10-24 Want to organize an event? Add your event to this list!


Date News update


The Initiators and annealed fans are always happy if you join the movement and considering to bring in and lend technology to the location. Sometimes it is possible to borrow technology.


Name Producer by Loaned since Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note
Cardboard (2pcs) Rick Voll < 01-09-2015 €49.44 N/A N/A
Flic Ricoh Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 €335.29
Makey Makey Janine < 01-09-2015 €30.00
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Raspberry Pi Foundation Bart < 01-09-2015 €50.00 Pi 2 Model B V1.1 N/A Including 16GB SDHC
Particle Photon Spark Labs, Inc. dba Particle Jurjen de Vries 08-06-2015 $19 n/a n/a
Theta Ricoh Jurjen de Vries 15-10-2014 €335.29

Wish list

If you are missing some innovative or open as possible technology please add it to the wish list. Maybe someone already have it and will share it. Entries older then a year can be removed if the product is released and not shared.

Name Producer Wished by Date added Note
Hololens Microsoft Bart 08-07-2015
Jurjen contacted Microsoft 17-03-2015 who is evaluates these types of inquiries

Initiators and annealed fans

Name Role(s)
Bart Initiator, Host
Janine Host
Jurjen de Vries Initiator
Samir Lahiri Initiator


  • There's a space ship on this location! This space ship was used in the MusCom's expo 'Rijk van Heen en Weer', until March 2015. Since this space ship looks like the logo of Permanent Future Lab MusCom asked if the Permanent Future Lab Utrecht wanted to have the space ship. Unfortunately the ship is too high to fit in most rooms, and because MusCom later on decided to have it's own Permanent Future Lab the space ship is staying at MusCom.