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The first Permanent Future Lab location opened the doors since October 15th 2014 at the end of the Sharing Week at Utrecht CS.

List of current locations. Also check Pop-up locations.

Location Name Address City Country Opening times
Energiefabriek Vlijtseweg 144 Apeldoorn Netherlands, The 10.30AM - 6PM Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (CET)
PFLab Strijp-S Eindhoven Torenallee 24 Eindhoven Netherlands, The 9AM - 5PM Workdays (CET)
Museum voor Communicatie Den Haag Zeestraat 82 Hague, The Netherlands, The Closed (looking for a fixed location) Utrecht CS Moreelsepark 65 Utrecht Netherlands, The 9AM - 5PM Workdays (CET)

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