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The first Permanent Future Lab location opened the doors since October 15th 2014 at the end of the Sharing Week at Utrecht CS.

List of current locations. Also check Pop-up locations.

Location Name Address City Country Opening times

2nd and 3rd Friday of month is a techtalk program with 11 institution joins. Utrecht CS Moreelsepark 65 Utrecht Netherlands, The 9AM - 5PM Workdays (CET)
Dilmah Postjesweg 1 Amsterdam Netherlands, The 9AM - 5PM Workdays (CET)
Energiefabriek Vlijtseweg 144 Apeldoorn Netherlands, The Location Apeldoorn Closed and moved to Utrecht Overvecht
Five Pillar Foundation Jalan Pulau Menjangan Gang III A, No.8 Dauh Waru Negara Jembrana Bali
Museum voor Communicatie Den Haag Zeestraat 82 Hague, The Netherlands, The Closed (looking for a fixed location)
Ondernemershuis PowerbyPeers Utrecht Overvechtttps:// Rhonedreef 40, 3561 VA Utrecht Overvecht The Netherlands 12.30h -22.30h PM Monday + Tuesday 8.30h - 15.30u

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