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m (adding a new location data)
(Lokatie PErmanentFuture LAb Oisterwijk nr dernemershuis Utrecht OVervecht)
| Apeldoorn
| Netherlands, The
| Location Apeldoorn Closed and moved to OisterwijkUtrecht (near Tilburg)Overvecht
|[[Five Pillar Foundation]]
| Closed (looking for a fixed location)
|Ondernemershuis PowerbyPeers Utrecht Overvecht[ ttps://]
|Studio Why Oisterwijk
|Rhonedreef 40, 3561 VA
|Almystraat 14 , 5061PA
|Utrecht Overvecht
|The NEtherlandsNetherlands
|1012.00 AM30h -1822.30PM30h PM Monday + Tuesday Wednesday8.30h Thursday- 15.30u
|[[VondelCS, Amsterdam]]
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