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Do you have technology in abundance or are you a technology producer and want to be a Sharer? The Initiators and annealed fans are always happy if you join the movement and considering to bring in and lend technology to a Permanent Future Lab movement location.

Every location has limited space in abundance to make sharing technology possible. By the core values of the movement the Initiators and annealed fans are looking for most open and/or innovative technology as possible. Please check if there isn't similar technology in the available list of the location you're considering to lend technology to. If it is similar technology please only borrow if it is more innovative or open technology then the current technology. If you're not sure, you can always discuss at the location page.

Sometimes visitors ask if they may borrow or rent technology and take it out of a Permanent Future Lab location. If you are receptive to this, please tell so at your Wiki profile page.

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