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The Permanent Future Lab movement is founded by the initiators [User:Jurjendevries Jurjen de Vries] and Samir Lahiri. Jurjen was inspired by and the Society 3.0 book. By sharing his Google Glass to visitors he discovered that unexpected things happened. Jurjen also met Samir in a unexpected way. By sharing their passion for innovation they started the journey to create a movement which is Permanent Future Lab nowadays. The first location where space is made available for sharing innovation is Utrecht CS, The Netherlands. Jurjen & Samir started from there.

Other fans where joining the movement as well by sharing abundance in space, innovative hardware and time. The initiators discovered a few roles that can be used for any Permanent Future Lab. People participating in the movement agree to:

  • Follow the Permanent Future Lab movement philosophy which is based upon three [core values].
  • Works by intrinsic motivation.
  • Have and share abundance.
  • Have a click together


A (co)initiator with passion for innovation and hardware. Sometimes a geek or nerd. The initiator is more then average busy with discovering new innovations and is social in sharing findings and knowledge.


A host


A visitor

Venue owner / manager

A venue owner / manager