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* Work by [ intrinsic motivation].
* Work by [ intrinsic motivation].
* Share out of abundance.
* Share out of abundance.
* Work by [ holacracy].
* Work by a self leadership format such as [ holacracy].
* Have a click together.
* Have a click together.
'''People participating in the movement agree not to:'''
'''People participating in the movement agree not to:'''

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Permanent Future Lab is an open movement where everyone is able to join and participate. Society driven is one of the three core values.

Participating agreements

People participating in the movement agree to / that:

  • Follow the Permanent Future Lab movement philosophy which is based upon three core values.
  • Permanent Future Lab is a decentralized movement without a legal entity cruising on the Mesh.
  • Work by intrinsic motivation.
  • Share out of abundance.
  • Work by a self leadership format such as holacracy.
  • Have a click together.

People participating in the movement agree not to:



People as you participating in the movement can have one or multiple roles defined around the work that fulfills the needs of the movement ideas. Anybody can share at any publicly available space. There are global and location based activities. You can create and see activities in the Permanent Future Lab Part-up tribe.

To optimally facilitate this a few roles have been identified that can be used for setting up any physical location of a Permanent Future Lab.


Probably you?! Everyone in society is welcome to visit a Permanent Future Lab location without paying by money. You may look, discover, experience, try and build with the technology as long as you leave the technology back in original state and use it with due care and diligence. Since the movement isn't an entity you can't pay or donate by money. The philosophy is that you are Sharing back by social media, word of mouth, open source code, etc. So you don't claim copyrights or patents, but you use copyleft. At some of this wiki product pages you can find social media hashtag keywords and mentions, community links to help you Sharing an optimal way.


A person or organization that lends technology to one or more locations.

Location initiator

A (co)initiator with passion for innovation & technology the starts a location or pop-up. Sometimes a geek or nerd. The initiator is more than average busy with discovering new innovations and is social in sharing findings and knowledge. If you want to do this, the current best way is to get in touch with multiple other initiators who can be found at their location wiki page and the movement initiators.


A host keeps the space orderly, batteries loaded, shows visitors around and keeps track on the available technology being shared. Is it a must, as a host, to be tech-savvy? No. But some interest (to learn from) new technological products is a plus. It is also good to feel comfortable in presence of other people.

What it means to:

  • Keeping the space orderly

Imagine, you invite people to your home. Wouldn't it be great to show them around in a tidy place. Maybe somewhat cosy? Somewhere where at least people feel comfortable to be at? That feel should be reflected at the location you are the host at.

  • Showing visitors around

First time visitors usually do not know what location they are entering and what the movement actually stands for. As everything is new some guidance and explanation of the entire concept, both location and ideology, is a kind and helpful gesture.

  • Keeping track on the available technology

To become a host, it is suggested you visit the location(s) you want to host at and speak with the initiators and other hosts. You can see if you click well with the others and they will be able to help you get started.

Venue owner / manager

A venue owner / manager who shares a location.

Movement initiator

This role happen once by two people. The Permanent Future Lab movement is initiated by Jurjen de Vries & Samir Lahiri. Jurjen was inspired by and the Society 3.0 book. By sharing his Google Glass to visitors he discovered that unexpected things happened. Jurjen also met Samir in an unexpected way. By sharing their passion for innovation they started a journey that created the Permanent Future Lab. The first location where space is being provided to share innovation is Utrecht CS (the Netherlands).