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This article is about #permanentfuture, the IRC channel of Permanent Future, available on the Freenode network.


To join the channels, you need an irc client. Wikipedia has a list of irc clients. For Linux I recommend HexChat or XChat, for Windows XChat or mIRC and for Mac OS I recommend XChat Azure. If you're already using Adium or Pidgin: IRC is integrated in it, so you can start using it immediately.

The following commands can be used inside your IRC client to quickly connect to a server and join the channel:

/join #permanentfuture

#permanentfuture - The main channel

This is the main channel. We can talk here about Permanent Future, share new innovations, have q&a's, ask support for projects and in general: share inspiration and knowledge.

#permanentfuture rules

  • Follow the guidelines
Freenode philosophy
Freenode network policy
#permanentfuture channel guidelines

#permanentfuture guidelines


Questions about how to use IRC?

Add a topic on the discussion page. Or ask Bart - he can explain it at the Lab.