Five Pillar Foundation


Jalan Anyelir No.6 Negara Jembrana - Bali

Opening timesEdit


Find available technology at this location in the first table.

The Initiators and annealed fans are always happy if you join the movement and considering to bring in and lend technology to the location. Sometimes it is possible to borrow technology.


Name Producer by Loaned since Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note
Makey Makey Jurjen de Vries 16-09-2016 €35 N/A N/A
Theta Ricoh Jurjen de Vries 16-09-2016 €299

Temporary gone / on it's wayEdit

Name Producer Will be loaned by Expected date Price excl VAT Part number Serial number Note

Wish listEdit

If you are missing some innovative or open as possible technology please add it to the wish list. Maybe someone already have it and will share it. Entries older then a year can be removed if the product is released and not shared.

Name Producer Wished by Date added Note

Initiators and annealed fansEdit

Name Role(s)
I Putu Initiator / Venue manager
Alan Initiator / Venue manager

Other resourcesEdit


  • This location is part of the Five Pillar Foundation location and was founded due a meeting between I Putu and Jurjen de Vries during the Bali Pandorahub Bootcamp.